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When "The Best Interest of the Child" standard is not "The Best Interest of the Child"

The article addresses the different standard utlized for blended and/or non-biological children, with the exception of adopted children.

Published by the DCBA Bulletin October 2015

Florida Family Law Blueprint

The perfect resource guide for judges, lawyers and pro se litigants involved in Florida Family Law cases. The book is replete with colorful charts, graphs, illustrations, diagrams, forms, case law, strategies and tips to aid litigants through various types of family law cases. Topics covered include: Alimony, Child Support, Attorney Fees, Contempt, Paternity, Relocation, Modification of Alimony and Administrative Cases.

Published 2014

Child Support: Glitch, Pitch & Stitch

This article identifies a serious glitch in our Florida Child Support Guidelines and pitches (3) options to stitch the problem.

Published by the Commentator in 2014

Attorney Fees in Family Law Cases

The article lays out the most common ways to secure attorney fees in Dissolution and Paternity cases.

Published by the Bulletin in 2014

Time Sharing Cheat Sheet

The Time Sharing Cheat Sheet is a crafty reference sheet that aids in calculating the amount of days and percentage of overnights each party has with their child which is essential for the proper calculation of child support.

Published by the Commentator in 2013

7 Months of Seminars * 7 Tips * 7 Minutes or Less

Provides seven tips, designed to be read  within seven minutes or less which the author learned through undergoing seven months of various family law related seminars.

Published in 2012 by the Commentator and FAMSEG

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Life insurance to protect child support and alimony awards

Published May 2016

Article explores the necessary findings to properly award life insurance to protect alimony and/or child support payments.

DOR's Due Process Rights

Published April 2016

Warns about the dangers of not joining the Department of Revenue as an interested party in child support cases.

Who needs to testify at an attorney fee hearing?

Published December 2015

Debunks the misconception that only the attorney working on the case can testify at the hearing.

Does the obligor receive a Child Support Credit for Adoption Subsidy?

Published November 2015

Provides the formula in calculating child support where the family receives a subsidy for their adopted child.

I will take 20% with that Income Witholding Order

Published November 2015

Defines the word Mandatory as utilized by Fla. Stat. 61.1301(1)(b)(2).

Status Conference as Final Hearing

Published October 2015

This article demonstrates that it is error to convert status conferences into final hearings absent proper notice.

Motion is Mislabeled

Published August 2015

Highlights that courts should be flexible in their treatment of mislabeled motions.

Child Support Post Emancipation

Published July 2015

Explains how courts lose jurisdiction to extend child support once the child reaches the age of majority.

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